IMGpedia is a Linked Dataset that incorporates visual information of the images from the Wikimedia Commons dataset: it brings together descriptors of the visual content of 15 million images, 450 million visual-similarity relations between those images, links to image metadata from DBpedia Commons, and links to the DBpedia resources associated with individual images. It allows people to perform visuo-semantic queries over the images.

To explore the data, you can follow these links:

If you are using any parts of IMGpedia: code, RDF dumps or the SPARQL endpoint in your research, attribution is required. To do so, please cite the following paper where we describe the dataset:

IMGpedia by Sebastián Ferrada, Benjamín Bustos and Aidan Hogan is made available under the Open Database License.
Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.